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Safe and Secure

Pitt goes to great lengths to make sure students are protected and understand the University's safety systems. Read More
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Healthy U

Pitt’s Healthy U program promotes students’ physical and emotional health as well as intellectual and social well being. Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pitt's billing system work? How easy is it for students to get 网盟彩票平台注册 during the semester and over breaks? Check out our FAQs for parents. Read More
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Parents of First-Year Students

It’s a major life step for students to arrive on the Pitt campus and live on their own for the first time. Find information and resources that can help you to assist your student with navigating this new world and coping with his or her newfound independence in a positive, constructive way. Read More »

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Panther Parent Ambassadors

Panther Parent Ambassadors strengthen ties between parents and the University administration, and enhance programming for parents and students—by hosting parent socials, for example.

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Student Conduct

Student Conduct, part of the Division of Student Affairs, is a neutral body through which members of the Pitt community may address alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct by Pitt students.